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Making Money With Stock Photography

How to make with stock photography?

Depending on the terms of the site, you will receive a certain commission from each image you sell. In addition, the image quality is also important. The high-resolution photos are tend to be more expensive, as print size will increase depending on the megapixel value of your machine. Each photo has a different price depending on its size. While on some of those websites you can upload as many images as you like, certain websites can put an upload limit. On such websites as your sales increase, you will get better commission and upload limit.

Will all my images get sold?

This subject has certain rules and the details you need to pay attention to, just like all the textile products produced by each manufacturer are not sold, then the image you produce may not be sold as well. Stock photography needs to match a global market for better sale results. For example, images to be sold during the Christmas period and the images to be sold during the Halloween period are different.

Can I upload all the photos I take?

You can upload any images you want, however all the photos you upload will be precisely checked by website moderators to see if your photographs match their quality baseline. Once you get the hang of it, you will know which photos qualify and which don’t.

Do I need a Professional SLR Camera?

The answer is no, you don’t need an SLR camera to buy or sell royalty free stock images or premium stock images, however as mentioned before, the quality of your image also matters for pricing the image you take. Higher resolution the image is, higher price it will get sold for.

Can I Really Make Money Selling Stock Images?

Selling your photos on the internet as stock images covers requires a self-sacrificing effort and the associated costs including your time. You can make money from stock photography by taking these sacrifices and dedicating your time to this hobby.