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Photography Inspiration

When it comes to photography, there’s a lot that this tried and true, time honored pastime has to offer. For humans, sight is the highest sense, the one that we depend on the most and, thus, the sense that we aim to please in our creative endeavors most often, so it’s easy to see (get it?) why photography is such a common creative outlet. There are countless people, places, and things to photograph, though, so an up and coming photographer might be at a loss for direction when it comes time to take some snapshots. If you’re stuck in a creative rut, it can be helpful to have some advice to help you get started. Here are some suggestions to help you along.

First and foremost, consider the portrait. Portraits have been one of the most common and popular types of photography since the inception of the camera, and long before that in the form of paintings, so there’s always demand for this kind of photo in the art world, whether commercial or amateur. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to dabble in this style of photo at the very least. If this interests you, you’re going to need a subject. Amateur models will probably be friends of yours, or you could use social media to recruit a subject, but don’t expect to be hiring professionals. You’ll want your models to dress well, in clothes like that of Saks Fifth Avenue, something classy, for best results. However, a themed photo might require more of a costume, for example, or even some raggedy clothes, especially with Halloween coming up.

Then, there’s the matter of natural photography. One of man’s longest running passions is flowers, for example, so these floral beauties make a great natural subject. An elaborate garden is perhaps the zenith of this style of photo, but a natural arrangement of flowers, such as a meadow, is truly a breath taking sight made all the more impressive by its very nature as a happy accident in the wild. Of course, there are more natural sights than just flowers to capture on film. Mountains, for example, tend to be awe inspiring sights, and a forest thicket holds a certain universal appeal. It’s important to note, however, that these two styles are not mutually exclusive. It’s totally acceptable, and often preferred, to pair a human subject with natural surroundings. So, feel free to pose your model in the midst of a gorgeous meadow of wildflowers, or at the foot of a great mountain.