Digital Software


Adobe Photoshop

Enhance your photography

Powerful color correction tools

Healing brush to remove flaws while preserving tonality and texture

Layers for editable compositing

Precision masking

Picture Package tools to print a folder of images quickly

Watermarking to protect artwork posted on the Web

Sophisticated crop tool that corrects perspective as it crops

JASC Paint Shop Pro

Retouch, repair, and edit photos with easy-to-use, high-quality, automatic photo enhancement features

Create and optimize Web graphics with built-in Web tools and artistic drawing and text tools

Design cool animations with Animation Shop 3 included free

Easily add custom images to your home and business graphics projects

Save time with productivity tools: grids, guides, alignment, and grouping

Expand your creativity with over 75 special effects

Share photos electronically with friends and family via email, Web sites, and photo-sharing sites

MicroGrafx Picture Publisher

Micrografx Picture Publisher 10 Professional is the premier easy-to-use solution for professional image processing and management -- from start to finish. Manage, correct, enhance, create, and publish any type of image, from photos to web graphics to digital art. Picture Publisher provides the complete package professionals need to turn a raw image into production-ready art.
Enhance pictures using powerful masking, filter, and retouching tools or get creative with extensive special effects, wizards, and macros. Fully enabled 64-bit CMYK and 48-bit RGB image resolution support, alongside the Kodak® Color Management System, ensures that your images are always of the highest quality and output to your printer as you expect them to.

If you're publishing to the Web, Picture Publisher has a toolset that will help you produce impressive results. Optimize images with smart sizing and compression, lock colors within a palette, add dimension to your graphics and buttons with beveling, or even create lively GIF animations. Integrated with Picture Publisher is the new Micrografx PhotoAlbum. It features helpful tools such as batch correction, batch renaming, and indexing that makes organizing, viewing, retouching, and sharing images easier and faster. Create Web slide shows, share online, and even burn CD-ROMs, all from within PhotoAlbum.

Corel Photo-Paint 9

The Gimp

The GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software suitable for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. This site contains information about downloading, installing, using, and enhancing GIMP. This site also serves as a distribution point for the latest releases, patches, plugins, and scripts. We also try to provide as much information about the GIMP community and related projects as possible


ACDSee is an award-winning picture viewer, graphic converter and digital image management tool. The latest version of this digital photo software, ACDSee 4.0, gives you intuitive, professional-quality imaging tools to acquire, view, organize, enhance, print and share your images on the Internet quickly.


is a highly customizable image database / graphics editor application that makes it easy to catalog and locate, as well as, maintain and modify all your graphics and multimedia files.


IrfanView is a very fast FREEWARE (for non-commercial use)
32-Bit graphic viewer for Windoze 9x/ME, WinNT, Win2000 and Windows XP.

The first graphic viewer WORLDWIDE with Multiple (animated) GIF support One of the first graphic viewers WORLDWIDE with Multipage TIFF support The first graphic viewer WORLDWIDE with Multiple ICO support


Free DCE does the hard job of noise reducing and automatic balance control for you. And it is free!

The program works best if you have bad light condition (indoor, shadows etc..) and your image is somehow off. So if some of your images are already fine, you won't see much difference. DCE makes very delicate changes...

Digital Painter

An easy-to-use Windows application, the Digital Painter Software is the nucleus of the Digital Painter Large Format Giclée Printer™. The software allows you to easily scan and print an image in any size, with virtually no delay from when you give it the print command to when the plotter actually starts printing. Other systems can take anywhere from 30-45 minutes to process before the printer starts to print. In addition, our printer is bidirectional, printing on both passes of the print head, which cuts print time even more.

The printer accepts media up to 60" wide (depending on the model) and up to 100' long (on all models), but with the Digital Painter Large Format Giclée Printer's™ tiling feature, you can tile the output to create art of ANY size - even big enough to cover a wall. You can also use the multiple print function to print several copies of an image.

The software allows you to selectively calibrate your printing according to the type of print media to be used. The Dithering Error Diffusion Algorithm in the Digital Painter Software eliminates banding, the visible strips that appear in most ink jet output. Coupled with specially developed proprietary media coatings and inks, the Digital Painter Large Format Giclée Printer™ produces a high quality image good enough for fine art reproduction.

Designed into the software is a database for customer job tracking and image file maintenance. The software is packaged with photo-editing software that allows you to capture, edit, retouch photos and electronic images. Add shadows, adjust brightness/contrast, calibrate color as well as add and customize text. With the optional special effects package, you can easily add attention-getting effects such as watercolor, charcoal and spatter. Use these powerful, versatile tools to transform any scanned image into artwork unique and meaningful to each customer.


FotoStation accepts images from any source - your digital camera, scanner , removables or Photo-CDs.


The Imaging Factory

theimagingfactory creates tools for digital imaging. A whole
suite of photoshop plug-ins is available for the digital
photography enthusiast .

Panorama Factory

The Panorama Factory is designed to create images that rival those made by rotational and swing-lens panoramic cameras. Not only can The Panorama Factory facilitate creation of immersive VR worlds, it also provides features for the fine-art panoramic photographer who wishes to work from ordinary 35mm images or images captured with a digital camera.


With the Panoweaver, you can create full 360 immersive images and retain complete control over panorama image creation. Also virtual tour can be created easily by using PTViewer Scripter. Panorama images and virtual tours are ideal solutions for publishing, education, travel, entertainment, and more. Panoweaver and PTViewer Scripter are developed by Panorama Technologies.

Photovista Panorama

It’s easy to create effective real estate, travel, art or e-commerce Web sites with zoomable 360º images. Photovista Panorama turns a series of photographs into a seamless immersive image in minutes

QImage Pro
Auto-Sizing: No More Resampling or DPI Worries
Take the Qimage Pro Print Quality Challenge
Multiple Prints/Sizes Per Page, Including Posters
Image Viewing/Comparing
Full Color Management (ICC) Support
Free Lifetime Upgrades/Support
Used/Recommended by Professional Photographers
Digital Camera Specific ICC Profiles Available

Nik Multimedia

Optimally sharpen any image using the full capabilities of Sharpener Pro for printing on any inkjet printer. Includes all Sharpener Pro features and the Internet Image Sharpener for sharpening for web or screen presentations.


Digital Camera Users are now able to process all the information provided by their camera, to directly load images into the IMatch database and to add all type of information to their images. IMatch has native support for EXIF information and supports Canon CRW and Nikon NEF files (Version 3.1 and above)...


Whether you're a professional or home user, you need a way to manage your ever-growing inventory of digital files. iView can help you organize, share and protect your files for a lifetime.

Color Vision

Professionals like graphic artists and designers, photographers, printers, film makers, animators, and the medical community need affordable tools for color management that assure consistent color across networks and multiple monitors throughout the digital color work flow.

Consumers already know that "eyeballing" doesn't work when it comes to monitor calibration and e-commerce. They need to know that what they see is what they'll get when buying color sensitive products on the world wide web.

Color Vision provides solutions--affordable, reliable and easily implemented--to all.



Auto FX

AutoEye 2.0 features revolutionary new technologies that rebuild lost detail and color in images and prvides amazing improvements. AutoEye uses unique color space and advanced patented technologies to give you results you cannot achieve using any other software.


  • Thumber. A thumbnail extraction, image information, manipulation, web page creation "all-in-one" utility.

  • PixelZap. A program to remove "hot-pixels" from digital camera images.

  • ColorFix. Convert JPEG or TIFF images from one color space to another (particularly useful for Minolta Dimage 5 & 7 images).

  • PTAssembler. Freeware "Front-end" for Panorama Tools software (My pictures created with PTAssembler)

  • DigiSS. An interactive slide-show screen saver designed specifically for digital camera images.

  • EXIFRead. A utility to view and extract EXIF information from digital camera pictures.

  • NeatBatch. A "batch-processing" assistant for ABSoft's very popular image noise reduction software. New!

  • Framer. A program to view multi-frame JPG files as "mini-movies."

  • CamWork. A DOS utility to extract images from many popular digital cameras.

  • HTMLR. A companion program for Thumber that creates HTML directory listings

  • CRead. A very small, very fast command-line utility to extract and search for comments in JPG files.

EXIF Reader

Exif Reader is image file analysis software for Windows. It analyzes and displays the shutter speed, flash condition, focal length, and other image information included in the Exif image format which is supported by almost all the latest digital cameras. Exif image files with an extension of JPG can be treated in the same manner as conventional JPEG files. This software analyzes JPEG files created by digital cameras.
Exif Reader can analyze some maker-specific formats such as Makernote. This software can display the image information in more details than any other Exif analysis software. For details, refer to the operating environment.
In addition to the Exif format, Exif Reader is applicable to the TIFF/EP format supported by CANON EOS D Series and Kodak digital cameras for professionals, the NSK-TIFF format by the Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association, the TIFF-FX format for FAX by Xerox, and many other special image formats.


GraphicConverter converts pictures to different formats.
Also it contains many useful features for picture manipulation.

Graphic Workshop Professional

Graphic Workshop Professional is the image management package for Windows. It features multiple browser windows, batch processing, drag and drop, thumbnails, Pentium-optimized functionality and a lot more. Whether you'd like to browse your image collection and view pictures, convert between formats, print your graphics as hard copy, maintain a sophisticated keyword database, decode pictures from the Internet, process and fine tune your photographs... the list of Graphic Workshop's functionality can run for pages.

Pictographics International

Revolutionary tools for color correcting all of your digital
pictures. Whether they come from a digital camera, scanner, picture CD, or an online photo sharing site, iCorrect™ Products help you Make the Color Right™.
iCorrect™ Products give you a new method of color correction based on direct interaction with the image. By simply clicking on certain reference colors within your picture, iCorrect™ products perform a global color correction. With iCorrect EditLab, you have even more tools for precion color editing. Now you can make the color even better! 

Picture Window

Color Mechanic is a selective color correction plug-in for Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. What makes Color Mechanic so powerful is that it lets you change one or more colors in an image without changing any other colors in the image and without the painstaking work of selecting the parts of the image you want to change. This type of selective color correction is both easier to use and more powerful than conventional color balancing or filtration techniques that simply apply a uniform correction to the entire image or give you a few sliders to adjust.


PhotoImpact 7 is everything you need for digital photo editing, creative design, and Web graphics. No other image editor delivers professional results so easily and affordably.


Arles Image Web Page Creator

Use Arles Image Web Page Creator to create online image galleries in seconds. Arles automatically generates high quality thumbnails, modifies images and generates HTML pages.BETA FREE .
































Image Walker

ImageWalker allows you to manage your image files visually. It simplifies the process of viewing, cataloguing, and publishing digital images. Its features include; web page creation, thumbnail generation and printing, batch image conversion, slide show and screen saver.FREEWARE .



Iomega PhotoPrinter

If you want a quick and easy way to print multiple digital camera photos on a single sheet of paper, Iomega Photo Printer is a FREE solution that may suit your needs.  This application is very simple and does it's job very well.  Here's what the program will do:

  • Allow you to print multiple copies of an image on a single sheet of paper.
  • Allow you to print several different images on a single sheet of paper.
  • Allow you to print a thumbnail sheet (contact sheet) of all of the graphics in a folder.

There is only one place that this program is lacking.  That is the ability to crop and resize images to aspect ratios that fit standard print sizes, like 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10. FREEWARE

Download Iomega Photo Printer



Digital Image Recovery

Digital Image Recovery is a data recovery tool for digital images. The program is designed for media used by digital cameras. Common media types are:
Flash Card™, SmartMedia™, SONY Memory Stick™, IBM™ Micro Drive, Multimedia Card, Secure Digital Card and Compact disc.






Photo Genetics V2.0 Full version  FREE

QBeo's PhotoGenetics instantly lets anyone dramatically improve digital images. Enhance your under-exposed, low contrast, colour-biased, hazy or faded photographs by simply comparing the original against variations created by PhotoGenetics





The major goal of ePhotoDBase is to control the entire proccess of image acquisition, organization and archiving from one unique program. ePhotoDBase can also easily send your images to your favorite image editor. Canon Digicam users have the opportunity to convert their RAW files directly from ePhotobase with the advantage of including a 16Bits linear process in the batch treatment thanks to the very usefull Droplet Assistant.


PhotoRescue for Mac & PC


  • PC VERSION : runs on the Windows 98/ME, Windows NT/2000/XP platform. May run on some versions of Windows 95.
  • Apple MacIntosh VERSION : Mac OS X, at a level that supports external USB or Firewire card readers.
  • Works with SmartMedia, CompactFlash, Memory Sticks on USB, Microdrives but also generally most other external storage devices.
  • Able to access image files, logical or physical devices (NT/W2K/XP/Mac OS X only).
  • Able to recover after other recovery methods have further corrupted the cards.
  • Optimized to work with jpeg, tiff and other typical file formats.
  • Able to create image files for backup purpose.
  • unerase and/or data recovery from SmartMedia, CompactFlash, Memory Sticks, IBM Microdrives...
  • Pre-recovery preview of JPEG, TIFF, NEF, Compressed NEF and CRW files.
  • Safe : does not contain code to write to the cards.
  • Requires 1MB disk space - may require up to twice the size of the card being recovered a a workspace and, of course, space for the recovered pictures..

What You get when you purchase


KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS Photo Desk v2.0  Free but must register

Discover the flexibility you'll have with raw DCR images and finished JPEG and TIFF files when you upgrade to KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS Photo Desk v2.0. This new version of the software allows you to view and work with files from KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS Digital Cameras and standard JPEG images from other sources, too.


New Features:

  • Allows you to select RGB working space profile
  • Uses KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS Custom Looks Software v2.0 (Optional)
  • Prints full images and contact sheets
  • Supports MAC OS X
  • Adjusts exposure compensation automatically

Download the new KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS Photo Desk v2.0


Michael Mitchell's free PS Actions for Canon 10D, D60 & D30 camera JPGs. Click here for his explanation of the actions or here to download them or click on the banner to visit his website. The zip file contains many actions to tweak , edit , transform , print or publish to the web .



Phase One's versatile and user-friendly software, Capture One DSLR, which is designed to match the demands of a modern, professional studio is now available for these cameras: Canon EOS 1D/1Ds and 10D Click here for details or to purchase. 



Photoshop plugins for high quality retouching of photos, correcting lensdistortion and much more.

Highly recommended by Outback and many more.



It can make the color effect of digital photo realistically simulate that of photographic reversal film such as Fujifilm RVP and Kodak T-Max100. It can make the image clear and vivid, and bring the image strong and perfectly clear colors, rich layers and details, as well as the reduction of noise points and color spots...With the world-leading Exif Maker editor inside, "Digital Film" supports the updated Exif 2.21, it allows the users to add, to modify and to delete every Exif maker freely, it also supports TIFF & JPEG.Moreover, the 8 main function of "Digital Film": making index sample, image adjustment, watermark, signature, frame, histogram and printing the Exif photographic parameters can provide the digital camera users an all-round bolster intheir daily use.