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“by digital photographers, for digital photographers”


This website is intended to provide the digital photographers a general and as accurate as possible info about new equipment , software and everything related to their passion. It's only an index which I try to keep as up to date as possible by linking you to the specialized websites .

I want to make clear this is not a commercial website, I have nothing to sell, I represent no company and no organization, I leave no cookies nor do I ask for anyone’s personal data or information. There is no crew, there are no members, I do not accept donations, I don’t have nor do I need sponsors, I sell no badges or any memorabilia to support my expenses.
There is only one workhorse and he’s doing the job for free. Updating and maintaining this site is not a challenge nor is it my goal to see my counter reach high numbers. I do hope my efforts will be appreciated, if only a little… My only intention is to be helpful.


EOS Pro Day

EOS Pro Day

The CPS Belgium invited its members for the presentation of the 1DsMkII, new printers and the DPP. They had on display several 1D cameras and the most representative of the lenses. No wonder most of the present photographers ( a lot ) were looking around with sparkles in their eyes. I tried some I was […]