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EOS Pro Day

The CPS Belgium invited its members for the presentation of the 1DsMkII, new printers and the DPP. They had on display several 1D cameras and the most representative of the lenses. No wonder most of the present photographers ( a lot ) were looking around with sparkles in their eyes. I tried some I was able to lift and was amazed by the quality of the 135mm 2 L. I ordered one the very same day and can’t wait to get it delivered. Another very nice initiative was a free cleaning of the sensor. Fortunately, I was the first to enter the ‘cleaning room’ as a few minutes later, there was a long queue of dirty sensors owners! It was interesting to see how the people of the repair center did the job. They give the camera a first external clean, clean the mirror chamber with canned air and give the sensor the same treatment. Then, they take a test pic holding the camera with a 50mm 1.4 mounted on it against a bright light source, put the CF in a Mac to look at the results. Next, they use Pecpads and cleaning fluid to rub the last dirt from the sensor. After a second control, he cleaned the viewfinder and handed me my camera back . Very fast and my sensor is very clean ! A friend of mind who just returned from a one month safari in South-Africa, gave them some more work : his had to be cleaned no less than 6 times but he got it back as clean as it was when new. Maybe even cleaner!

When leaving, each visitor was offered a waist camera bag and a book on digital photography by Canon. Also, there was a bar/coffee room to take some rest and have fruit drinks, coffee, cake and cookies. The staff people were very helpful, friendly, and didn’t mind to answer any possible question about equipment and software. A time well spent for all those who attended the event.